Emmerdale Studio Experience    
Emmerdale Studio Experience
Co-op Exclusive

We are pleased to announce that tickets are on sale for The Emmerdale Studio Experience Tour at the iconic ITV studio in Leeds. 

The studio has been transformed into an interactive experience showcasing the behind-the-scenes magic that takes place during the making of the much loved series.


    Studio Experience

The experience has been split into more than five zones, each with unique narratives and setups for guests to explore. As the walk-through tour unfolds you will discover how sets, storylines and characters are born; initially on paper and then brought to life using state-of-the-art technology and incredible set designs.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience Tour is a must for fans of the show and a fantastic educational opportunity to learn how TV shows are made.


    On the Day

We start the day with a pickup in your local area to Leeds. Join your guide for a unique tour through the studios (lasts approx 90 minutes) and take part in 'how it's filmed' interactive experiences. Afterwards, rejoin the coach for an afternoon of shopping in Leeds city centre.


    Co-op Travel Exclusive

Please note this day trip is exclusive to Co-op Travel Scunthorpe. To book this please call Co-op Travel on 01724 276433.


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